Designing Safety into University Facility Security Systems

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

Universities who need to upgrade and modernize their security systems are often concerned about future growth and costs, as well as maintaining a secure posture going forward. Many of these concerns can be alleviated by working with a company who can provide them several key components as part of their security upgrade. The reality of future costs can, fortunately, be somewhat alleviated and controlled by adopting certain strategic activities today.

Security System Architecture is essentially a road map that captures the existing architecture of a security system today. It is essential, of course, to know where you are today before you move forward. A long term program of growth and security begins with this key architectural assessment. As part of that assessment, site surveys will undoubtedly be done. Building an architectural map for the future, will require the experience and know-how of an experienced team working with the internal university staff to achieve this quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

As part of that assessment, site surveys will be done. When this report is completed, it will provide a deep look into the existing system. There will, undoubtedly, be some surprises. An in-depth report should cover areas such as, the known security practices and how effective they are considered to be. Such a report would also address such issues as leadership roles and designation of responsibilities, how well-trained and knowledgeable current staff are on their duties around security issues, university policies and their current implementation and more.

The next important step comes with the design of the actual system itself. Careful selection of components and their integration to give the university the desired-for outcome is done. Typically, you want a security assessment firm to not be associated with any particular vendor or equipment. A thoroughly “solution agnostic” vendor will provide you the most ethical, honest and correct solution at this point in the implementation of your system.

The final, and never complete, step in a new security system roll-out are the post installation security vulnerability assessments. State and Federal security guidelines will be determined for your particular facility and the security system continually assessed against those standards.

If you are a public or private university, looking for a comprehensive security system, designed for your particular environment and your particular vulnerabilities, contact Unlimited Technology ( for University Facility Security Systems. They have deep experience in the assessment, design, engineering, installation, monitoring and project management of educaction institution security.

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