Dentists in Oyster Bay NY State Treatments for Toothaches

February, 2015 by

According to the experience of most people, dental pain can be frustrating. Experts advise you do not try to take the pain, but instead you go to the Locust Valley Dental Group if you feel tooth pain, especially if it is severe. These professionals are the most qualified to diagnose the cause of pain and will be able to prescribe the most appropriate treatment, which can range from drug therapy to surgery to natural remedies. To learn how Dentists in Oyster Bay NY can help you, continue reading or contact your local dentist.

Prevention is most important

The most important thing to combat a toothache is prevention and the knowledge that most cases of dental pain is generally produced by decay. The best prevention is therefore to follow proper oral hygiene techniques and go to your dentist regularly to avoid complications. They will also detect minor problems before they become serious. This can be a huge help to ensuring you are relieved of pain.


To soothe a toothache you can use a wide variety of remedies, the best of them will depend on many factors. Some of these remedies are best for mild pain while others will be better when the pain is too intense or when there are serious dental problems. To prevent most of these serious problems, or when mild problems get complicated, the only recommendation Dentists in Oyster Bay NY can make is that you go to the dentist if you feel dental pain for more than a couple of days or if the pain is too intense. Visit website for more details.

Until the dentist can make an appropriate diagnosis, you can resort to treatments that relieve the pain that is so annoying. The most commonly used are OTC medications (non-prescription drugs) such as Ibuprofen, Tylenol and NSAIDs (Night-time Sleep Aids). It is very common to use antibiotics for a toothache. You go to the doctor, you say you have a toothache and you get, for example, ibuprofen and amoxicillin. If you go to your local pharmacy without a prescription, the pharmacy would only suggest OTC remedies. For more information, contact the Locust Valley Dental Group or your local dentist.