Dental X-Rays: What Is Your Dentist in New City NY Looking For?

February, 2015 by

If you’ve ever been to a dentist in New City NY, you’ve probably had dental x-rays taken. Once a year, a series of images is taken, each one giving your dentist a different look at your teeth and mouth. What do these photographs tell your dentist? X-rays give dental professionals the chance to diagnose and treat oral problems before they become a more serious issue.

During a routine cleaning, these images are used to locate small cavities. While larger cavities are often discovered during the cleaning and exam, newer dental caries are often hidden deep within the tooth structure and between teeth. A simple bitewing x-ray may locate a cavity before it causes any symptoms. These annual x-rays also show the dentist how well a patient’s bite lines up when the upper and lower teeth are touching. This is important for reducing the pain of a TMJ disorder. A dentist in New City NY can also use x-rays to find and treat broken or cracked teeth.

X-rays can also reveal more serious problems to your dentist in New City NY. If the pulp or nerve of a tooth is infected, the abscess will appear on the film. Impacted teeth may also be discovered. This is especially common when looking at x-rays of wisdom teeth. Tumors are often first noted on x-rays. Since some oral tumors may become cancerous, it is important to discover them early. Bone abnormalities, such as fractures or recessions, can be seen on x-ray images. None of these problems can be seen with the naked eye until they are in more advanced stages, which is why all dentists urge their patients to get yearly x-rays.

Having x-rays taken by a dentist in New City NY is a painless process. It involves nothing more than holding your mouth in a certain position for a few moments. The amount of radiation patients are exposed to is considered minimal and safe. Still, your dentist will take precautions by draping you with a protective apron. The digital images used by most dentists produce even less radiation. By having x-rays of your teeth taken every year, you may help prevent a small oral problem from escalating into something more.

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