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April, 2014 by Alma Abell

The most effective method to assist in having healthy teeth is by routinely visiting Stratford CT dentists. This will allow you to have a routine examination that will assist in detecting any dental problems at the earliest stage. It is critical to the health of the tooth to fix any problem as it arises.

Routine Exams

All dentists recommend a bi-annual checkup that will allow you to get your teeth cleaned and thoroughly examined by a professional. The health of your teeth depends on this exam.
The dental hygienist will first clean the teeth and work to remove any plaque which has built up since the last visit. Plaque is the enemy of healthy teeth and gums and should be attacked by total removal. The hardening of plaque may lead to gum disease and tooth loss if not removed.

One of the most important parts of a routine exam involves a thorough checkup by the dentist. The dentist will evaluate the health of the teeth and check for any decay. If decay is spotted, the Stratford CT dentists will evaluate the amount of decay and assign a numerical value to the decay.

Direct and Indirect Restorations

If decay is found during your routine exam, there will be a number assigned to the decay between one to six. This will provide the classification of the decay and the type of restoration which is required.

If the decay is between one to six it is possible to do a direct restoration to the tooth. This will allow the dentist to fill the tooth directly and is less invasive than the indirect restoration.

The indirect restoration will be required if the tooth is severely damaged with decay. This will involve placing a crown on the tooth to prevent an extraction. The dentist will remove all of the decay and shape the tooth for the crown. There will be an impression made of the tooth and it will then be sent to the dental lab to create the crown. Once this has been completed the patient will go into the dental office and have the crown cemented onto the tooth.

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