Dental Problems That Should Not Be Ignored!

by | Dec 30, 2013 | Dentistry

The high cost of dental procedures often leads many people to pass on treatment. Unfortunately, there are some dental situations, such as cracked teeth or extreme pain, which cannot be ignored.

The following are several situations that are considered dental emergencies. If you experience any of these situations, it is important to schedule an emergency dental appointment with a Dentist Glendale AZ clinic immediately.

A Knocked Out Tooth
When a tooth has been knocked out due to a sporting injury, accident, or just rough-housing, it is possible to re-implant the tooth back into its socket. The tooth can be re-implanted if it is placed back in the socket within 30 minutes.

People who experience this type of dental emergency should contact their dentist immediately to schedule an emergency appointment. A dentist will work to place the tooth back into the socket and try to save the natural tooth. The dentist will also work to reduce any swelling, bleeding, or damage to surrounding teeth that may have occurred.

Abscessed or Infected Tooth
Infections, especially those that are a result of broken or cracked teeth, are considered an emergency. This type of situation is an emergency because the infection could travel into the bloodstream and cause a number of health problems.

A dentist will visually inspect the abscessed or infected tooth, prescribe antibiotics and possibly pain medication, and schedule an appointment for treatment. Dental treatment for abscessed or infected teeth can range from root canals to extractions.

Typically, the dental treatment is not performed on the same day as the emergency dental appointment, as the infection needs to be cleared up before it can be worked on. A second appointment will usually be scheduled at the end of the emergency visit.

Severe Swelling or Pain
Any severe swelling of the gums or face, or extreme pain should be considered a dental emergency. There are a number of reasons these problems can be present ranging from fractured teeth to infections. An emergency dental visit will allow a dentist to assess the situation and provide prompt treatment when needed.

People who are facing dental emergencies can consult Feldhake & Associates for help. This dental office offers complete dental care to the Glendale, Arizona area.

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