Delivering Vitamins In Gelatin Capsules

by | Nov 27, 2013 | Health Care

Private label vitamins can be produced in different forms; the common methods are liquid, tablets and gelatin capsules. Although these are the common delivery methods, high dosage vitamins can be delivered intravenously but this must be done under doctor supervision. Gelatin capsules are often used for the delivery of drugs and supplements, especially those that are in powder form. A gelatin capsule is little more than a small, two part shell that is used to enclose the active ingredients. Gelatin capsules are virtually tasteless and odorless and they do not cause any digestive problems. Gelatin is quite inert and does not interact with the contents.

There are certain substances that can hard to swallow; a good example is fish oil. By putting this in a gelatin capsule, it makes it considerably easier for many people to ingest it. This is true as well with certain spices that are beneficial when taken as a supplement; this includes cayenne pepper and cinnamon. The taste of the contents is eliminated and as the capsule dissolves in the stomach, the private label vitamins and other supplements are released with no perceptible taste.

Another major advantage to gelatin capsules is the fact that the dosage is uniform. Capsules which contain commercial drugs are closely monitored as to dosage, it must be accurate. Many people who take supplements which are in powder form purchase the empty capsules in bulk and fill them at home. This is quite acceptable as the dosage of supplements does not have to be as accurate as drugs.

Gelatin is a product which comes from either pig or cattle bones; it can also come from fish. Because of the source, drugs and supplements that are delivered by gelatin capsule may not be acceptable to vegans, vegetarians and those that must avoid certain animals due to their religion.

As a result of these aversions, capsules are also produced from vegetable matter. These capsules are based on cellulose or an edible polymer. Although these capsules, also available in one or two parts, are a little more expensive, it does allow those who cannot tolerate gelatin capsules to partake of the supplement. Vegetarian capsules do not have the same shelf life as gelatin as they tend to be softer; as a result the product is usually packaged in smaller quantities so it is purchased freshly packed.


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