Day Surgery for Urology in Chicage IL

December, 2014 by Alma Abell

Many surgical procedures are done on an out patient basis where no hospital stay is needed. Some of these are done in the hospital, but they can also be done in a surgical center. A surgical center is a smaller, less stressful environment for same day procedures where people can go home shortly after the surgery is completed. It is safe, cost effective and the average stay is 2-3 hours. You are not at risk for illnesses because you are not exposed to sick people like you are in a hospital setting.

Urology in Chicago IL is an area with many procedures that can be done as an out patient. A vasectomy and a vasovasostomy, or reverse vasectomy, can be done as same day surgery. Circumcision and cystoscopy can also be done at a surgical center. Surgery for the treatment of urinary incontinence is another example because there is no need to stay overnight. Patients can have these procedures done, spend a few hours in recovery and then go home. Anyone who has had any surgery can tell you that the hospital is no place to recover. It is noisy, busy and your sleep is interrupted by vital signs, roommates and ambulance sirens. Of course, some surgeries require a hospital stay, but if you can go home and rest in your own bed you are better off. You will rest better, feel better and recover faster. Surgical centers have the latest technology and are state-of-the-art facilities that can focus more attention on each patient as an individual.

Urology in Chicago IL is not the only department that can operate at a surgical center. Other departments include general surgery, vascular surgery, infertility treatments, dental procedures and some gynecological surgeries can also be done at a surgical center instead of a hospital.  It is one center that has several departments and can give you an idea of what to expect from a surgical center. Hospitals are a vital part of our health care system, but if you can go elsewhere for certain procedures and surgeries, then take full advantage of the opportunity.

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