Criminal Lawyers in Montgomery County, PA Tell You About Assault Charges

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If you are in Pennsylvania, surely you have heard the term “Philadelphia lawyer” several times over, and depending on where you heard the term, it can be positive or negative. If you have bent an ear to the negative, you most likely heard the term applied to crooked lawyers. If you have heard the good, you probably associate the term with a lawyer who really knows his stuff. Such is the case with Legal Located in Philadelphia, PA, Legal Philly is a team of experienced Criminal Lawyers In Montgomery County who also are personal injury lawyers. They want to talk to you about assaults, one of the more common charges you may face in Pennsylvania.

In Pennsylvania, there are several types of assault charges. Simple assault is the most basic assault charge. This charge comes about because one party causes bodily harm to another or communicates the threat that he or she is about to. Such a charge is considered a class 2 misdemeanor and can be punishable by up to two years imprisonment. If the assaulted person happens to be a minor, the punishment is a class 1 misdemeanor, and the offender can receive up to five years in prison.

The next type of assault is called a felony assault. Also referred to as aggravated assault, this is a class 2 felony, with a punishment of prison time up to 10 years. These assaults are due to the use of a deadly weapon or incidents causing serious injury. With the various kinds of charges that can be levied against you, you don’t want to try to face them alone. You need a lawyer who is experienced in criminal law.

Legal has attorneys who will aggressively defend your case before court. In addition to criminal law, they are experienced in personal injury, internet crimes, business, corporate and real estate law. Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to be fairly represented by a team of lawyers with courtroom experience. For Criminal Lawyers In Montgomery County, PA and the surrounding areas, contact Philadelphia Criminal Lawyer at their website for more information.

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