Criminal Attorneys in Philadelphia Do Their Best to Keep Clients Out of Prison

December, 2013 by Alma Abell

When people make bad decisions the results can be disastrous. Bad decisions that were made in the blink of an eye can lead to an arrest and even time served in a state prison. Most criminals do not plan their crimes or set out to hurt anyone. They simple make a few bad decisions that lead them in the wrong direction. When crimes occur, it is always best to hire a criminal lawyer for professional representation. This can ensure the defendant does not have to serve time in Prison In Philadelphia.

Everyone has made mistakes in their life; unfortunately some mistakes are worse than others. Criminal charges can range from petty theft to much larger offenses like arson or even murder. When these types of crimes are committed, one should seek professional representation immediately. This means once charged, defendants should not speak with officers, other inmates or even family regarding the charges. Once a criminal lawyer is hired, they will work to seek the truth. First they will do their best to have the charges dropped during the arraignment. If this is not possible, they interview witnesses in an attempt to find out what evidence is held against the defendant. They then try to discredit the evidence in an effort to have it thrown out of court or at best make it not believable to the jury members.

At times, there is no way to save the defendant and they may be found guilty of their crimes. Criminal attorneys are still needed to assist with sentencing phase of the trial. They will work to get the sentence dropped or make arrangements for some time to be served in a treatment facility. This allows the defendant to do their time and get the help they need to get better. If a defendant has to do time in Prison In Philadelphia, the lawyer will do his best to make sure the sentence is fair and just. They will also ask for time served for good behaviour and time already served pre-trial to be considered.

Regardless of the outcome of the trial, a defendant is always better off having professional representation in court. This ensures they receive a fair trial and the best sentence possible. Hopefully, the trial and time served allows the defendant to make the changes needed to turn their life around and get the help they need before it’s too late. Connect with us on Facebook!

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