Criminal Attorney Jefferson County MO: Knowing Your Options

November, 2013 by

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not taking a criminal charge seriously. Regardless of how major or minor the charge might be, it is something you should always take very seriously. When it comes to legal representation you have three options to consider. Your first option would be for you to be your own legal representation. While it does happen, this is by far the least common choice. There are a lot of people who say you might as well be signing a death wish if you decide to be your own lawyer.

Being Your Own Lawyer

How many lawyers do you see representing themselves when they get charged with a crime? It does not happen! This is because representing yourself when you get charged with a criminal offense is far from being a good idea. In fact, some judges say that you would be better off just holding up a sign saying that you do not care because that is all they are going to see.

Court Appointed Attorney

You will always have the option of having a court appointed attorney. This is because you do have the right to legal representation even if you cannot afford it. If you truly cannot afford to hire a criminal attorney Jefferson County MO then it would be best for you to use a court appointed lawyer. You do need to keep in mind that a court appointed attorney should be a last resort. Court appointed attorneys always have more cases than they can handle. This means they are never going to be able to give your case all the attention it deserves.

Criminal Defense Attorney

The best option when you get charged with a criminal offense is to hire a Criminal Attorney Jefferson County MO. This is a legal professional that has lots of experience with criminal charges. Whether or not you actually committed the crime is irrelevant when it comes to legal representation. If you can afford a Criminal Attorney Jefferson County MO you need to hire one.

Just keep in mind that a lawyer such as Attorney Michael D. Lowry is not going to be able to get you out of jail free if you committed a crime. They are just going to help you get as small of a sentence as possible.