Countertops In Tucson AZ Can Provide Nearly Every Countertop Material Available

November, 2014 by Alma Abell

Kitchen counter tops make the kitchen the beauty that it is or isn’t. Selecting countertops is not something the untrained eye can do without a lot of luck. There are so many materials and designs to choose from that an experienced designer should select the counter top to blend with the decor of the kitchen. This includes the cabinets, the back splash, and the flooring as well as the wall color.

Granite is very much the stylish choice of homeowners because it has a reputation for being the countertop to have in an upscale home or in a home where the owner wants something unique. This can be a good idea, but there are several thousand colors of granite. The average homeowner needs help from Countertops in Tucson AZ in narrowing the granite options down to those that fit the kitchen design requirements. There are nine other choices of material for the countertop, and obviously the budget will be a deciding factor. The cost of the material is one factor in the total price and the other is installation costs.

Silestone is a manufactured countertop and it has a beautiful look for any kitchen, but it must be sealed at least every year. It is more porous than granite and, therefore, collects food residue which grows bacteria. However, Silestone will look as good as the day it was installed while granite will develop wear indications. Silestone is stronger than granite.

Hi-Mac is the waterproof non-porous surface that prevents common growth of bacteria and, therefore, it is easy to clean and is resistant to most stains, scratches, and spills. This is an eco-friendly product with the objective of good hygiene.

The homeowner who is looking for a new countertop should look at samples of the various materials at Countertops in Tucson AZ and bring home a few to set in the kitchen. Then see if any seems like the right choice. It is one view in the showroom, and it is another view in your home with the sun light streaming in. The magic of the beauty that the sun brings out cannot be seen in a showroom. Bring the product to where it will be installed.

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