Cosmetic Dentistry in Baltimore Can Restore Your Smile

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Dentists who practice cosmetic dentistry are able to repair any of the little, and not so little, imperfections in your teeth. The area of cosmetic dentistry has advanced so far that dentists can now repair anything that might be wrong with your teeth. Whether you have significant staining that you would like removed or you have lost your teeth prematurely and would like dental implants, Cosmetic Dentistry in Baltimore can repair your teeth and restore your smile.

Cosmetic defects with your teeth do more than just change the appearance of your teeth. They can diminish your self-esteem and can prevent you from smiling. In fact, children who suffer from cosmetic defects in their teeth tend to do more poorly in school and have fewer positive interactions with peers than children who do not have dental defects.

One of the most common reason that people visit the cosmetic dentist is for teeth whitening services. There are over-the-counter products but they do not work nearly as well as professional treatments that your dentist can provide. For severe stains, a dentist can use bleaching gels and laser whitening in a combined treatment process that usually provides the results you want in just one office visit. You should have continued treatments to keep the stains from returning.

The repair of chips and breaks are other reasons that people visit the cosmetic dentist. Chips and breaks can occur at any time but they are most likely to occur due to automobile accidents and sports-related injuries. Small chips can be repaired by grinding down the edge of the tooth to remove the chip. When you suffer a large chip or break, you should try to find the broken portion of the tooth.

Depending on the size of the broken piece, the dentist may be able to reattach it to the tooth. When reattachment is not possible, the dentist will use either a composite bonding material to repair and reshape the damaged tooth, or he will attach a porcelain veneer to the surface of the tooth. Veneers are used most often when the damage is too severe to repair with composite.

If you have cosmetic defects on your teeth that you would like to have repaired, you should contact a cosmetic dentist.

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