Considerations for Auto Maintenance in Boulder CO

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

If you own a vehicle, at some point you may encounter mechanical issues. Many mechanics believe that the best way to avoid mechanical failures is by keeping up with the routine maintenance on vehicles. Vehicles generally come with warranties which protect consumers from incurring expensive repair bills. These warranties are usually only valid for a certain amount of time or certain number of miles. They might be non-existent for used vehicles or vehicles purchased from private parties. This is why people who purchase used vehicles should have them thoroughly inspected by licensed mechanics. Sometimes recalls occur for vehicles. The cost for repairs of this type are usually absorbed by the manufacturers of the affected vehicles.

The best method of ensuring that you are getting auto maintenance in Boulder CO at the correct intervals is by regularly reviewing your vehicle’s manual. The manuals detail the estimated time frame or mileage consumers should have their vehicles serviced. They also include make and model specific information such as how to use certain features on a vehicle. If you bought a used vehicle, you may not have the manual. Thankfully, most manuals can be located online in PDF format for easy viewing. If you cannot locate the manual for your vehicle, contact a dealership. You can also use an auto maintenance shop as a resource for knowing when to get your vehicle serviced.

Know the basics. Oil changes are generally recommended every three months or 3,000 miles. Keep your transmission running great by changing its fluid every 30,000 – 40,000 miles. Air filters on vehicles help them to run more efficiently and can reduce the amount of gas vehicles burn. They should be changed every 15,000 miles. has a list of other maintenance services you should be scheduling for your vehicle. If you know it has been awhile since you have had your vehicle serviced, a point by point inspection would be helpful to ensure your vehicle is not on the verge of breaking down. The inspection also helps auto mechanics determine which auto maintenance in Boulder CO services need to be performed on vehicles.

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