Common Signs That You Need Concrete Foundation Repair in Mississippi

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

Services-Foundation-Reapir-Helical-Piers-224x300-150x150The foundation of a structure is arguably the most important part of the structure itself. So, when it comes to your home, it’s no surprise that you should strive to take good care of the foundation. There are numerous signs for Concrete Foundation Repair in Mississippi that homeowners should be aware of. If these signs aren’t addressed promptly, it could spell disaster for the home in the long run.

One of the most common, and not so subtle, signs of a need for foundation repair is having cracks in the foundation. Cracks in a foundation can range from simple hairline cracks to giant gaping cracks. The hairline cracks are the least noticeable, and one of the reasons homeowners aren’t aware of foundation problems until the problem gets worse. Take a walk around your home every once in a while. Pay close attention to the condition of the foundation. If you notice any cracks, whether big or small, be sure to make a note of them. If you’d like, you could take pictures of them in order to keep track of their condition over time.

Other signs to pay attention for are cracks in your walls. It’s not uncommon for cracks to form on the walls of the inside of the home. These cracks tend to form along the bottom, top, and even in the middle of the wall itself. If you notice cracks in your walls, you should take action immediately. These cracks are only going to get bigger as time goes on. Often times this means that the foundation of your home has shifted, and this is what causes the cracks in your walls to form.

You’ve probably walked around inside of your home and noticed the occasional creaking noise. Most homeowners chalk this up to old floorboards. Although aged floorboards might be the problem, the problem could also be due to a shifting foundation. If the creaking noise begins to spread to different places around your home (i.e. bedroom, hallway, kitchen bathroom, etc.), it’s a sign that you need a service for Concrete Foundation Repair in Mississippi.

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