Common Reasons For a Visit to an Urgent Medical Care In Plainview, NY

December, 2013 by Alma Abell

Usually, any illness or accident you have is going to pick the worst time to happen. If you are injured or become sick after regular business hours, an urgent medical care center may just be the answer you are looking for. The following are a few common reasons for visits to Urgent Medical Care In Plainview, NY.

Cold and Flu Symptoms

Many people seek the services of an Urgent Medical Care In Plainview, NY after a few days of coughing and hacking with no help from over the counter medicines. Typical ailments like sinus infections may require the use of an antibiotic that needs to be prescribed by a doctor. If you are having flu like symptoms, such as aching or high grade fever, you should definitely seek medical attention immediately. The flu can be very bad if left unattended or untreated, so time is of the essence. Any ailment that you would go to your primary physician for can be treated at an urgent care facility.

Breaks of Fractures

In some urgent care practices, they will have access to an x-ray machine. This will mean that they will be able to treat a broken bone or horrible sprain. Most active children and adults will at one time or another need to have medical attention for a broken or fractured bone. The best way to reduce long-term effects from a bad break is to get it set and put in a cast as soon as you possibly can. The non-life threatening nature of these types of injuries makes them a perfect candidate for treatment by an urgent care facility. If you are experiencing a sprain, you will be able to get some help with an air cast and some pain medications from your local urgent care.

One of the best urgent care centers in New York is the Stat Health Walk In Medical Center. They specialize in a variety of different treatments that can benefit you in your time of need.