Common Questions About Home Electrical Systems And Hiring An Electrician In Allentown

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

If you’re having a new home construction or you’re doing some remodeling in your current home, at some point, you’ll have to hire an electrician. If you’ve had the same wiring in your home for years, you want to make sure that it’s safe. The electrical wiring of your house is something that you want to make sure is done right. A less than perfect wiring job is a safety hazard and it could possibly cause an electrical fire. To make sure that your home wiring is done correctly, hire an experienced Electrician in Allentown to do the job for you. Below are some common questions that homeowners often ask about electrical services.

Q.) Do I need to replace the old circuit breaker box that’s in my home?

A.) If your home was built in the 1990’s or earlier, you may still have the old circuit breaker box installed. The outdated circuit breakers could fail to trip during a circuit overload and cause an electrical fire in your home. To rule out the possibility of a fire due to an outdated breaker box, contact a qualified electrician to replace your electric panel with one that’s new and safe.

Q.) Why does my kitchen light frequently flicker off and on even after I’ve changed the light bulb?

A.) If you’ve already changed the light bulb and determined that’s not the reason for your flickering light, you may have a bad connection. The issue could stem from the light socket or there could be a loose wire in the circuit. A electrical technician will have to test the switch, the receptacle and the main panel to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

Q.) What are some ways that an electrician can make my home more energy efficient?

A.) An experienced Electrician in Allentown can update your existing electrical system to save you money by installing motion sensors, dimming switches and timers on your lights. An electrician can also inspect your entire household and suggest improvements to get the most efficiency out of your appliances, heating system and air conditioner.

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