Common Problems That Dishwasher Repair Chicago Experts Deal With

by | Jun 5, 2014 | Appliances

The cleanness of the kitchen and the hygiene standard of the food we eat depends on how clean the dishes that are used in preparation and serving are. The dishwasher is one of the easiest kitchen appliances to operate. They save you lots of time and energy you could have spent scrubbing pots. However, there are times when dishwasher issues turn into a complete nightmare. To understand the appliances, here is a list of common problems solved by Dishwasher Repair Chicago service providers.

When the washer doesn’t drain or leaks water

At times, the washer can run fine and clean the dishes perfectly but fail to drain the water or leak the water all over the floor. When this happens, your first suspect should be a drain. The fact that the washer deals with solid food particles means that grime and solid food remains can cause a clog in the drain preventing the water from draining well. The solution for a clogged washer is opening it up and clearing the blockage. If the washer is leaking, you have to get an expert to locate the leak and devise a way to seal it.

When it doesn’t clean well

If you load the dishwasher and the dishes come out with food particles, spots on the utensils or a thin film it could be an indication of several things.

* That a scrubbing arm is broken

* That a motor isn’t running properly

* That the water pressure in the washer is too low

* The water running in your home is too high on minerals

* That you are using too much detergent or the water is too hot

You can fix some issues such as detergent amount and water temperature. However, you will need an expert to assist with fixing a broken scrubbing arm or replacing it with another one. The expert can also help set the pressure right and have a look at the motor to make sure it is running well.

Those are common dishwasher problems that A-Appliance Xperts Inc. helps fix. They do Dishwasher Repair Chicago and surrounding areas.

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