Common Considerations For Child Custody In Wichita, KS

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

Common Considerations For Child Custody In Wichita, KS

Child custody is awarded after the court determines his or her best interests. Factors that are taken into consideration are how the child has adjusted since the separation of the parents. For instance, if the child has strong ties to a school or community which reflect the most appropriate setting, the judge may rule in favor of the parent living in these areas. The parents’ wishes are the next consideration. However, the acquisition of a protection order may provide the protected parent with leverage. At any time that the court will make these decisions for the parents, he or she should acquire a Child Custody in Wichita KS to assist them.

Common Considerations for Child Custody

The temperament of the parents is a primary focus. The judge considers this attribute when either parent has a history of violent behaviors. The main objective for the judge is to determine which parent can provide the most stable home for the child without risks. Protection orders may provide evidence of risky behaviors. The judge may postpone a final judgment to investigate these conditions further. Social services are assigned to the case when necessary.

The state of Kansas does not have an age limitation for when a child can present his or her wishes to the court, unlike other states that require the child to reach the age of twelve. However, as a child becomes more mature, the court is more likely to approve these requests. A child advocate lawyer is assigned to protect the child’s interests in these cases.


The stipulations for visitation require that the child is ready to leave with the non-custodial parent at the time of visitation. These arrangements also determine the time in which he or she should return with the child at the conclusion of the visitation period. The court can impose orders that prevent the parents from participating in altercations when the child is present.

Some stipulations may require parents from having overnight visitors of the opposite sex while the child stays in their home. The judge can impose limitations on activities during these times such as those that prevent consumption of alcoholic beverages during visitation. Parents who wish to petition the court for adjustments for Child Custody in Wichita KS may Contact The Law Offices of Kevin M. Smith, PA.

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