Cold-Weather Issues: The Best Materials for Roofing in Dutchess County, NY

January, 2014 by Alma Abell

Dutchess County can experience winters with frequent snow and freezing temperatures, so if you’re selecting new roofing for your home you should do so with the weather in mind. According to experts, some materials are simply better suited to areas that experience cold weather– choosing cold-hardy Roofing in Dutchess County, NY will help you avoid damage and premature aging. Below are some roofing materials that are best suited to the weather cycles in Dutchess County.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is making a big comeback, and technological advances have made it more attractive than ever. Metal roofing materials like steel and copper are extremely durable and long-lasting, and they can handle the rigors of freezing and thawing without experiencing damage. Properly graded, snow and ice will slide right off metal Roofing in Dutchess County, NY, and metal roofs will insulate your home against the cold better than most other roofing materials.

Concrete Roofing

Strong and hardy, concrete tiles are able to withstand strong winds and snow build-up with ease. In fact, a concrete tile has the approximate thickness of three asphalt tiles stacked on top of one another. While concrete roofing is a great choice for rough winter weather, you’ll want to be sure your home is structurally sound enough to support it because of its weight.

Synthetic Slate Roofing

The heaviness of natural slate roofing can be too much for many homes to support, but synthetic slate offers all the cold-weather benefits of natural slate without the weight. Synthetic slate roofing is just as good at handling the winds, snow and ice that come with winter weather in New York. Plus, it’s long-lasting and attractive.

Asphalt Roofing

If you’re on a budget, asphalt roofing will do a more than adequate job of insulating your home properly and standing up to the weight of snow. However, asphalt tiles or shingles are susceptible to damage from the weather; you’ll need to commit to regular inspection, maintenance and tile replacement to keep your roof in tip-top shape. That being said, asphalt shingles are typically easy and inexpensive for the average homeowner to repair or replace.

Keep the winter weather in mind when you’re choosing a roofing material for your home in Dutchess County. For more roofing options that are good for colder climates, contact the experts at Precision Roofing Inc.

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