Churches that Focus on the Church as an Organic Body

by | May 28, 2012 | Business And Finance

In McKinney, a Bible Church is an organic church different than traditional churches in that substance is more or less emphasized over form. According to this view, the Church is not a linear or historic physical ecclesia structured and protected by divine institution, nor is the Church an official building or temple, but the Church is the living body of the Christians who are organically partaking of the life of Christ at any given moment. It is, in a sense, therefore a physical reality in that it manifests itself tangibly as bodies of believers seeking to live by the life of Jesus Christ and express that life together.

The whole point of such a McKinney Bible Church is to pursue the life of Jesus Christ as a community, not merely as individuals, but to learn from and with each other in that pursuit, sharing the divine and human life of Christ when they gather and throughout the whole of their lives.

One of the distinctions that separate organic churches from other churches is that there are not huge distinctions between official pastors and people who fill the pews. Everyone is engaged in ministry together and serves each other.

What makes a Bible Church and other home churches non-denominational is that they are founded upon the life of Christ with Jesus as the head, rather than upon a systematic theology or a doctrinal formulation. In some contemporary super-churches, entire movements tend to be built upon charismatic personalities. Home or organic Bible Churches prefer for those who live lives that point to Jesus to magnify Him rather than themselves by giving them superior roles or important titles. The preference is to live together as a community as well, not merely to meet once a week on Sunday and then go on living life as normal as though two universes exist side by side – the religious and the secular – and we are all merely members of both.

Another characteristic that is strongly emphasized in organic churches is that they are missional; they seek to serve people in the community, including strangers and those who are in need. Rather than building expensive temples, the desire is to honor the temple of the body in which the Holy Spirit dwells, and to serve those made in the image of God that is reflected in every human being, no matter what his or her circumstance or status in life.

Christ Fellowship is a Prosper and McKinney Bible Church that adheres to many of the tenets of organic or home churches. We serve everyone in the Dallas areas by living out the Gospel of Jesus Christ. While we do not adhere to any official doctrine of what constitutes an “organic church,” we do follow the Lord Jesus together in every way possible, and identify with the movement. We meet Sundays at 10 am at the Reynolds Middle School Cafeteria, 700 North Coleman Street in Prosper(972.850.6801 | or at  2801 Orchid Drive, McKinney, TX (972.547.7000 |

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