Choosing The Right Long Beach Criminal Defense Attorney

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

In the modern times, you can never predict your future freedom. Once in a while you can be tempted to go out with your friends to have a good time and quite possibly have one too many and land yourself in trouble with the law.

A Long Beach Criminal Defense Attorney represents the defendant in a court of law or matters regarding criminal prosecution. A good defense lawyer should have extensive knowledge in dealing with such cases. The lawyer should be trustworthy and committed ensuring the client gets the best outcome from their case.

When arrested in the state of California for a DUI you have to deal with both a criminal case and also a hearing with Department of Motor Vehicles (“DMV”). Drinking or driving under the influence or (“DUI”) which is also referred to as “Driving While Intoxicated” (DWI) may have some life changing consequences some of which may include: Losing your driving license, losing your freedom and also probably your financial future. These convictions carry penalties such as license suspension, fines that could amount in the sum of hundreds or thousands of dollars, community service, mandatory Intoxicated Driver resource Center (IDRC) programs and probably increased insurance costs.

Within 10 days one must have called the DMV requesting an Administrative Per Se (“APS”) Hearing. At this hearing, the DMV will try to suspend your driving privileges. It is paramount to note is that the trial will not take place within 10 days, but you should make a request to the DMV during these 10 days. When arrested, you are given a Temporary Driver’s license, failing to contact the DMV within 10 days this license expires after 30 days. But if you do take a step to call the DMV your Temporary Driver’s License lasts until the DMV makes a determination in regard to your APS hearing.

After your arrest, immediately request to call a Long Beach Criminal Defense Attorney to protect your rights and contact the DMV to schedule a hearing and get all the evidence to help you win your hearing. If arrested on misdemeanor charges usually a bail bond is not required in helping your release from custody. Most likely you will be released after spending several hours in jail. Instances whereby there is a felony involved you may be required to post bail.

Schedule an appointment today with a reputable defense attorney with years of experience in handling similar cases.

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