Choosing The Right Home Insurance In Austin, TX

December, 2013 by Alma Abell

Home insurance in Austin, TX covers damage due to fire, lightning, hail, and natural disasters. You also receive coverage for damage due to frozen plumbing pipes and theft of property. A basic homeowner’s policy does not cover intentional property damage by the owner or intentional bodily harm sustained on or within the property. If you decide to operate a business within your home, your homeowner’s policy will not cover equipment or other business related property.

Choosing the Right Homeowner’s Insurance

Your preferred insurance agent will discuss possible homeowner’s insurance policies with you. This will assist you in determining which policies are right for your needs. Basic homeowner’s insurance is the least amount of insurance coverage required by mortgage lenders. However, these policies typically cover unexpected damage and liabilities.

This coverage will pay out when structural damage is sustained during a storm or natural disaster. It does not cover intentional damage by the property owner or their family. In terms of accidents that occur on the property, the policies only pay for medical costs associated with unintentional injuries. Altercations that result in injuries are not covered within the homeowner’s policy.

Local Insurance Provider

Patrick Court is your local State Farm agent. He offers a wealth of insurance products to meet your needs. He will discuss these options with you to ensure that you receive adequate coverage for your property. This insurance agent can perform a risk assessment for you to determine whether additional coverage is needed for your home or automobiles. To receive a free quote from this provider contact him locally or submit a request through the website.


Home Insurance in Austin, TX is available in basic and extended coverage options. Basic homeowner’s insurance provides you with coverage for the unexpected. This includes storm damage, vandalism, and theft. Coverage for fire and natural disasters are covered within the basic policies. If your mortgage lender requires that you possess flood insurance, it is not included in your basic homeowner’s insurance policy. You are required to purchase flood insurance through an additional policy. Contact your local insurance provider to receive a free quote for homeowner’s insurance.

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