Choosing the Best Fireplaces in Long Island, NY

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

Traditionally, fireplaces were used for practical purposes. Large pots or cauldrons hanging over the fire were used for domestic functions such as cooking and heating water for bathing and laundry. The most beneficial use of fireplaces in early times was heating the home. Today, fireplaces not only provide warmth, but also bring ambiance, comfort, and value to its environment.

Types of Fireplace

There are three basic types of fireplaces:

* Electric fireplaces – can be portable, built-in or wall-mounted

* Factory manufactured using sheet metal

* Masonry work created with various types of brick or stone

Fireplaces can be further classified into indoor, outdoor, vent free, clean burning, insert, or radiant heating.

Fuel Sources for Your Fireplace

* Natural gas, propane gas, gas logs–including solid ceramic logs and ceramic fiber logs

* Fuel gels and gel logs

* Wood

* Pellets made of wood, corn or soy

Electric fireplace logs can be set into an existing fireplace and plugged into a standard outlet.

Fireplaces in Long Island, NY

Winters in New York can be cold and brisk. The cold weather can make people think twice about leaving the warmth of their homes or offices. However, many bars, restaurants and other public venues have found a way to combat the cold using fireplaces as a way to bring people together in warm, cozy, relaxing environments. Some examples include elegant restaurants complete with fireplaces, chandeliers and candles providing a perfect romantic atmosphere, urban-style cafes with arm chairs and booths set around crackling fireplaces and hotels with outdoor fireplaces as centerpieces for their rooftop bars.

Libardi Island Landscaping

Whether choosing a fireplace for your home, business or other use Libardi Island Landscaping offers a rich selection of indoor and outdoor fireplaces. You can customize your fireplace with elegant brick masonry as well as stone veneer. There is a generous assortment of colors, surface textures, and accents to choose from. Libardi Island Landscaping can help you create the perfect fireplace to provide a warm and cozy, yet elegant ambiance for your family gatherings, hanging out with friends, or simply savoring the tranquility of your new environment. A fireplace can be an appealing amenity while adding value to your home.

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