Choosing a Holistic Dentist in Short Hills NJ 07078

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

Dentists can obtain extra training in various areas of the industry in order to provide quality services to their patients. One area that is beneficial is in holistic dentistry. Holistic dentists provide services based on the concept that the mouth is a part of the whole human body. They consider how your dental problems affect your overall health. It is the bigger picture of dentistry in which a holistic Dentist in Short Hills, NJ 07078 effectively treats your dental needs. This does not mean the holistic dentist treats diseases of the whole human body. It means they ask about your eating habits and lifestyle and how that affects your mouth before they provide treatments.

Holistic dentists are prone to look for non-surgical solutions like homeopathic solutions when they are dealing with certain dental problems. These dentists do not prescribe antibiotics as often as conventional dentists due to the side effects and negative effects they create in the human body. Amalgam fillings are not used in holistic dentistry. These fillings are full of mercury, which leaks into the human body and causes major health problems over time. The use only mercury-free fillings for your overall general health and well-being.

Another goal of holistic dentistry is being environmentally conscious. They use green diagnostics tools like digital x-rays that use low radiation over the conventional x-rays. Laser dentistry is another green treatment provided by holistic dentists. Pain management is even treated using natural amino acid supplements over conventional pain relievers because it is healthier for you. Every aspect of the holistic dental office embraces the green concept. These services are healthier and provide you with the healthy smile you desire and deserve. You will not be sacrificing anything by choosing holistic dental services.

If you currently have mercury or nickel fillings, holistic dentists know how to properly remove, dispose of, and replace them with healthier fillings for you. Do not be surprised if your holistic dentist recommends that you stop using conventional dental care products at home like mouthwash and toothpaste. They are likely to recommend that you replace them with alcohol-free mouthwash and natural toothpastes that are easier on your gums and better for your teeth. The Glamorous Smile Dental Spa is a holistic Dentist in Short Hills, NJ 07078 who provides a wide range of services for all your dental needs.

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