CBAP Aspirants: How to spend an extra month with your loved ones

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CBAP Aspirants: How to spend an extra month with your loved ones

Many professionals look forward to getting certified in business analysis. CBAP® happens to be the most preferred BA certification from senior business analysts.

Most senior business analysts are likely to be married with a family (It will be a indeed a good stat to find median age of CBAP® exam takers. :)). They are in a mid-career job and have significant work-pressure. Now if one desires to go for CBAP®, one must be very comfortable with BABoK® V3. Even if one has considerable business analysis experience, the terms BABoK® uses and the concepts it explains could vary in your organization.

We did a simple math to estimate how much time one needs to spend to obtain mastery on BABoK® V3. BABoK® V3 is a densely written document with fair bit of complex language. Here is a screenshot from one sample page from BABoK® V3.

(Extracted from BABoK® V3 from representation purpose only. IIBA® is the sole owner of BABoK®.)

Our conservative estimate is one would definitely need 80+ hours of intense reading time to comprehend 500+ pages book. Now one must make his her notes to jot down one’s own notes which would be about 60 hours. This adds-up to 140 hours. We would really like to discuss with any genius BA who grasped BABoK® V3 with lesser number of hours. 🙂

Now consider the same content available to you with 30% volume. Your effort will come down by 70%. The study guide is in fact the note you would have prepared for yourself.

How could we compress BABoK® so much?

The key 5 principles we followed were:

1. Everything in tabular form (well almost everything :))

2. Identified common themes which is repeated multiple times in BABoK®

(For example, role of facilitator in Workshop, Focus Group, Reviews etc.)

3. Absolutely no prosaic language

4. Everything written in direct sentence

5. Provided space in the study guide itself for your own notes for easy referencing

Here is a sample page from Adaptive BABoK® V3 Study Guide.

Now let’s do an apple to apple comparison between BABoK® V3 and Adaptive BABoK® Study Guide.

Now there may be a question in your mind, have we compromised information in BABoK® V3?

Our answer is an emphatic “No”.

Many CBAP®, CCBA®, and ECBA® participants have already successfully completed their certifications using our study guides.

You can look at our customer feedback here and successful CBAP participants list here.

Now isn’t that an extra month with your loved ones?

You can buy our CBAP® V3 study guide here


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