Car Tires for Sale: Wichita, KS Residents can Extend Tire Life

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Like every car owner, you are probably looking for ways to help you reduce your automobile expenses. One of the ways vehicles can damage your bank account is with tires. If you seem to always need new tires, here are a few tips for extending their life so they can become a little less costly.

Start at the Beginning

Shopping for Wichita Car Tires For Sale residents should always buy the best they can afford. Reliable brands with a rugged tread and constructed of hard rubber will help to ensure you are getting the most for your money. Better tires do last longer, so the slightly higher purchase cost will be made up for with less mounting and balancing fees over time.


Just like the rest of your vehicle, your tires need regular care too. Check the tire pressure frequently and always make certain the tire has the correct amount of air pressure recommended for the vehicle. Low pressure will wear the tires out quicker because they will be running on the sides, not just the heavy tread as they were designed. Rotate the tires with every oil change so they will wear evenly across the tire and always keep your vehicle properly aligned.

Drive Sensibly

Sudden stops, starting out too quickly and driving too fast all wear out tires faster than driving at the speed limit and stopping and starting correctly. When you drive too fast you also risk not having time to avoid debris and potholes in the roadway. These common hazards are the perfect way to end up on the side of the highway with a flat, and possibly non-reparable tire.

Vehicle Capacity

Overloaded vehicles provide an additional amount of strain on tires which will cause them to wear more quickly. Only have as many passengers in the car as it was built for and do not carry any more equipment in the trunk or pickup bed than absolutely necessary.

Something else to consider: these tips not only extend tire life, but also help save fuel. This means even you can expect even more money in your pocket, just by following a few simple steps. Shamrock Tire & Auto Service can help you find the most durable Car Tires For Sale Wichita KS drivers can learn more about tires and how to select the best ones for their vehicles by calling Shamrock today.

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