Car Painting in Warrensburg Can Make Your Car Look Beautiful Like a Show Car

October, 2013 by Alma Abell

Cars need painting when they are older and the paint has dulled. Painting can add beauty to an older car and people will notice the paint before they will notice the age of the vehicle. A vehicle with a nice looking paint finish will also sell for more than a vehicle with a dull appearance. A nice paint job will let buyers know about the care you give your car. A clean car always conveys a better message than car with a dull appearance.
Vehicle owners in the Warrensburg area can find body work, frame or unibody repair and straightening. The Genesis II equipment is the state-of-the-art technology that can measure the position of the frame and the unibody and know immediately if either is damaged and out of alignment. The Genesis II will search the manufacturer’s data base and use this information to put the vehicle into the same condition as it was when it came off of the assembly line.

The Car Painting in Warrensburg uses a computer system to allow the use of the vehicle ID number to bring up the matching color. This system will also provide the correct alternate to make as close a match as possible. The paint is mixed in a climate controlled room by trained technicians. Dupont paint products are generally used, and the painters are trained and certified in applying the paint to look the best and not run, chip or orange peel.

Repairing or replacing sheet metal is a Car Painting in Warrensburg job done by highly trained technicians who can restore the vehicle to it showroom appearance. All of the tools and special equipment are available to blend the sheet metal into the vehicle’s body. Expert welders are able to do a lot of repairs when the welder is highly trained and very experienced as the welders in Warrensburg are.

Vehicle collision repair estimates are provided with the least amount of trouble to the customer. The estimate is prepared by a technician in a drive through using a computer that enables the technician to develop an estimate without leaving the vehicle to get information. Everything needed is in the estimating computer. There are vehicles other than cars which can be restored so check with to see if your vehicle is one our technicians restore.


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