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Being involved in a lawsuit is less than pleasant for the majority of people. The flood of emotions coupled with a high potential of substantial financial loss may cause a high level of anxiety. The difficulty of proving your innocence or stating your case may present challenges. This makes it ideal to end the legal dispute and settle your case during the process of mediation.

The Beginning of the Mediation

The plaintiff, defendant, mediator and attorney for each party will meet in a conference room. The mediator will describe the process of mediation and benefits involved in settling a case. The mediator will indicate he or she has no opinion regarding the legal dispute and is solely acting as a neutral third party. By retaining Long Island car accident lawyers, this will assist with a successful mediation.

Next, the car accident lawyers Long Island NY for the plaintiff will provide an opening statement regarding the allegations against the defendant. The attorney for the plaintiff will also state why the plaintiff should be awarded monetary compensation, due to the injury he or she suffered.

The defendant’s attorney will provide an opening statement proclaiming the innocence of the defending party. The attorney may enter evidence or state why the defendant is innocent of all charges during mediation.

The Negotiation Process

After the opening statements are provided, the parties will go into separate rooms. The mediator will begin the negotiations by meeting with the plaintiff and determining what his or her demands are to settle the case. The plaintiff is the alleged injured party who initiated the lawsuit and seeking compensation.

Once the defendant is aware of the opening negotiating amount he or she will make a counteroffer. This will be significantly less than the demanding offer. This will begin the process of the mediator going between the parties to reach a settlement agreement.

The End of the Mediation

If a settlement agreement is reached during the course of negotiations, there will be a binding legal agreement drawn up for the plaintiff and defendant to sign. Official legal documents will be provided at a later date to both parties when a settlement agreement is reached.

Finally, a case that doesn’t settle will proceed to court to determine the winner and loser of the lawsuit. Retain the Law Office of Matthew Glassman to assist with any and all civil litigation matters.

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