Can I Get A PET Scan In Turnersville, New Jersey?

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Can I Get A PET Scan In Turnersville, New Jersey?

You should be able to arrange to go for a PET scan in Turnersville and the same applies to any of the humans living there. You might not find the same facilities quite so easily if what you want is a scan for your pet.

The PET Scan
No, this is not the answer to pet owners’ desires for equal diagnostic rights between them and their pets. The initials PET stand for positron emission technology which is part of the diagnostic equipment in many hospitals dealing with human medicine. PET measures the emissions given out from injections of radioactive isotopes into the patient’s bloodstream. The scan is directed at the brain and the results are used to detect brain tumors, strokes, and the causes of diseases like dementia. A lot of PET scan functions have now been superseded by the use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment, especially as that technique does not involve exposure to radiation.

Humans are not the only inhabitants of this planet that posses brains and there is no scientific reason why PET or MRI could not be used for animal diagnostic purposes and a Pet Radiology Scan In Turnersville is in fact an option available at most good veterinarian clinics.

Less Equipment
From a pet owner’s point of view, it is unfortunate that hospitals dealing with human ailments rarely, if ever, admit animals into their facilities. Animal rights have not (yet?) been extended that far. The equipment required for the latest high-tech digital imaging methods found in a hospital’s radiology department is universally expensive and has to be operated by well paid qualified staff. This can lead to some of the modern techniques being not (yet) available in veterinarian clinics that can perform a Pet Radiology Scan In Turnersville.

Digital Imaging
When selecting a vet for your beloved pet, you should exercise the same amount of care and attention as you would in selecting your kid’s doctor. Maybe you will only need a vet for broken bones and other physical injuries to your pet. But, even then, it is essential that the clinic has x-ray equipment. However, using x-rays to produce a 2 dimensional image on photographic film is somewhat out of date in this age of computers. Digital x-ray machines can produce on screen images that are of much higher diagnostic worth than the old photographs.

Ultrasound scanning will produce much better images of soft tissue and internal organs than those produced through x-rays and this service should definitely be available from the clinic of your choice. Many clinics also include using computers to produce and analyse the results from endoscopic examinations.

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