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December, 2013 by Alma Abell

Whether it snowing outside or it’s a hot summer day, a good heating and cooling system is needed in your home to maintain its comfort level. Homeowners hire professional HVAC companies to come out and give them an estimate on the costs to install a new system. For those people who make their living buying homes and renovating them to sell, working with a really good AC Repair in Franklin, TN keeps them up to speed in completing the work on the home and getting it sold quickly.

Chiles Heating and Cooling is an AC Repair in Franklin, TN that offers excellent service to customers throughout Franklin and surrounding areas. They work with homeowners repairing, replacing and installing gas furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioners, air handlers and air filtration. There is no guess work involved when they do the work. They educate customers how to have a healthier home by installing air cleaners and proper ventilation throughout the home. They do yearly maintenance work for customers by checking out furnaces and giving them a clean bill of health for another year. They also clean air ducts of dust mites and dander that can collect in them and cause allergies.

Proper maintenance of your heating and cooling systems also ensures that the family is healthier, and everyone is much safer when furnaces are checked before winter. Carbon Monoxide is very dangerous and even though you can’t see, smell or taste it, it’s very dangerous. When furnaces are cleaned, there is much less chance of a fire since they are running constantly in the winter. Having a new system installed is not only safer, it saves on energy costs because it takes less energy to operate them.

You can also log onto the company website and get answers to questions such as “should I repair or replace?” The company will show you how you can save a tremendous amount on your utility bills throughout the coming years by having one of their energy saving systems installed in your home. Not only will you be saving money while working with a well known family owned business in the area, your family will enjoy warmth on a cold winter night and cool comfort on the hottest of summer days. For more information visit

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