Budgeting for a Large Catering Event

by | Jun 4, 2012 | Entertainment

If you have been put in charge of a large event, you are likely going to be worried about meeting the budget and having enough for everyone. This can feel like a tightrope act at times, but there are ways of making sure everything evens out in the end and everyone is happy, too.

Your first task is to choose the best possible company among the numerous caterers in Phoenix that you can find. This will be one of the caterers in Phoenix that you get along with and can communicate well with, who listens to your desires and needs and is responsive. A caterer who is not willing to listen to you and has his or her own ideas about how things should proceed is not a good hire, even if they are renowned for preparing the best delicacies in the world. What matters is that your budgetary, logistical, and culinary needs are met, and that requires an open exchange of information in which both sides listen to the other.

Do not randomly choose from the menu, but be careful and selective as you make menu choices to serve your guests. Some items will, of course, cost more than other items. Salmon is more than chicken, for instance. Remain within your budget while still satisfying the needs of your guests by supplying appropriate filler food, such as rolls or bread. The filler food should, of course, be appropriate for the entrée, but professional caterers in Phoenix can easily help you to determine what works best.

Make sure you select meal plans and hors d’oeuvres reasonably. When choosing one of the many caterers in Phoenix available for your event, select someone who will be flexible in providing less or more options according to your need and the number of people who will be in attendance. It may not be necessary to offer a six-course meal or 10 different kinds of hors d’oeuvres if an excellent entrée or a three-course meal and three different kinds of appetizers will suffice.

Another option that may save on caterers in Phoenix who use a lot of personnel is to plan your reception buffet style instead of being served in a sit-down environment. This can reduce the cost of labor significantly, and is also a popular trend that will not surprise or inconvenience your guests – allowing them to choose which foods they want to have on their plates. In conjunction with several dish options provided in smaller portions, this may also be a way of keeping within your budget while satisfying all of your guests at the same time.

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