Benefits of Using an Animal Hospital in Honolulu For Pet Care

by | Feb 24, 2014 | Animal Health

Most good vets can handle routine pet care, but a well-staffed veterinary hospital is a better choice. When you establish a relationship with an Animal Hospital in Honolulu, such as Gentle Vets Hawaii Kai Pet Hospital, your pet enjoys advantages that include:

* EMERGENCY HELP: No matter what hour of the day or night, you can get emergency help at a pet hospital. Professionals will explain what you should do immediately, to help your pet, and will then examine them when you bring them in. In addition, the hospitals often have websites, where you can get quick information. You can learn what to do if your pet is bitten, poisoned, or shows other signs of distress.

* DENTAL AND EYE CARE: Healthy gums and teeth are as essential to your pet’s overall well-being as they are to yours. An Animal Hospital in Honolulu will examine your pet, to find symptoms of gum disease and tooth loss. Untreated, these cab lead to decreased appetite, pain, and infections. Vets can routinely brush your pet’s teeth, and they can perform dental surgery. In addition, veterinarians can diagnose and repair many animal eye problems, and monitor your pet’s eye health.

* WELLNESS PLANS: The vets an an Animal Hospital in Honolulu want to ensure every pet’s good health, so they offer affordable, complete wellness exams. They make it easy for every pet owner to constantly monitor their animal’s health. Owners can choose an Optimum Wellness Plan that includes routine eye exams, dental cleaning, neurological exam, blood pressure checks, nutritional counseling, and much more.

* ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY: Some dog breeds are especially susceptible to bone, knee, and hip problems, and many animals suffer bone damage due to accidents or disease. Specially trained specialists at Gentle Vets Hawaii Kai can surgically repair most of these conditions, and provide pets with a much better quality of life. These procedures, as all that are done at the Gentle Vets Animal Hospital in Honolulu, are performed using the same sterile, professional standards required for human care.

When you trust your pet’s care to a first-class veterinary hospital, you are assured of quality emergency help, and wellness plans designed to keep animals healthy. In addition, the facilities provide cutting edge dental, optical, and orthopedic care, among other benefits.

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