Benefits of Hiring an Air Conditioning Contractor in Lakeville for Preseason Maintenance

April, 2014 by

Most homeowners will need to consider contacting an Air Conditioning Contractor in Lakeville as soon as the warmer days of spring start to set in. this is because before the air cooling system in a home is turned on each year, it should be cleaned and inspected to ensure it is operating effectively and efficiently for the upcoming summer. By handling this task early in the spring, a homeowner will often be able to handle any repair issues before the unit is needed.

One of the most important things to be done on the unit will be cleaning the system to remove any dirt, or other particles from the system. Dirt is generally attracted to all system components. It can cause the system to work harder than it should. This can result in a poorer quality of cooling and it can cause energy costs to increase because the unit will require more power to operate. Generally, the repairperson will begin cleaning the system by vacuuming the blower section of the system. The blower also has an air filter, which will need to be cleaned or replaced as well. The air filter will also need to be inspected to make sure it does not cleaning or replacement, on a monthly basis during the summer season when the unit is used on a regular basis.

Since most units are split level systems, there will generally be a separate unit outside of the home, which houses the compressor and condenser of the system. Because this unit is outside it often is very dirty due to debris such as leaves, twigs, grass cuttings and trash. The larger sizes of this matter will often be wedged in the housing unit and will need to be removed before the housing is taken from the unit. Once the housing is off, the technician from an Air Conditioning Contractor in Lakeville will have better access to the coils on the unit. These elements look much like the coils on a radiator. The coils can become dirty and will need cleaning with water from a hose and high-pressure nozzle or by using coil cleaner.

Once the coils are cleaned, the technician from a company, like Apple Valley Eagan Appliance, Heating and Air, LLC will need to spend time cleaning the fins on the unit. These are fragile as they are made of aluminum and so a soft brush should be used.

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