Be Selective About Who Handles Your Windshield Replacement in Tucson

by | Jun 2, 2014 | Business

A chipped, cracked or broken windshield can be a lot more than an inconvenience; it can actually put you and your passengers in danger. If your windshield is giving you a distorted view of the road and surroundings, that can result in a serious accident. If you are in an accident, a damaged windshield can reduce the strength of your passenger compartment by as much as 40 to 60%, and it can cause your vehicle’s airbags to deploy incorrectly, possibly leading to even more serious injuries. The smart move is to have any windshield damage tended to by experts in Windshield Replacement in Tucson as soon as possible.

If you just have a small chip, and it isn’t in the driver’s line of sight, you can have it repaired quickly and relatively inexpensively. Just be certain that the job is being done by experienced professionals. The same advice goes for replacing your windshield if it needs it; put it in the hands of a glass company you can trust. There are many ways that a Windshield Replacement in Tucson can be botched by someone who hasn’t been properly trained, or by a less-than-reputable glass company that is trying to cut corners. Removing the old windshield with a sharp tool is a common mistake; it can damage the protective paint and that means rust will soon develop, and that will be compounded by a bad seal which will lead to leaks. Very often these same individuals will use non-approved replacement glass, which will usually begin to delaminate in a short time. Sadly, that sub-standard glass may be put into place with an inferior grade adhesive. Sure, your initial replacement cost may not be very much, but you’ll be paying for that kind of shoddy workmanship for a long time to come. Better to stick with the experienced, reputable pros.

Since 1986, Dwight’s Glass and Tinting Services has been doing high-quality glass work and they stand by their reputation. In addition to fixing nicks and replacing windshields, they can also help protect you and your vehicle from the sun’s rays with expert tinting that comes with a lifetime warranty. Tinting will make your vehicle cooler, while protecting both your vision and your interior. These experts can also provide you with mobile windshield service at no extra charge.

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