Basic Options for Air Compressors in PA

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

A compressor is a relatively simple device that pressurizes air so that you can use it for many different types of applications such as putting air into a tire, heating or cooling a building or operating a jackhammer. However, when you need one, it is not wise to simply go out and purchase the first air compressor you see. If you need to carry out a specific task, not getting the right type of air compressor will end up costing you in time, money and frustration. Instead, take the time to familiarize yourself with the following basic options available for air compressors in PA before you go shopping. You can also visit site for more details.


One of the most common options for air compressors are gas-powered models. These compressor units utilize an engine and pump system that operate on gasoline. While these models are very affordable, their biggest drawback is that you can only use them safely outdoors. The carbon monoxide fumes produced by the exhaust and lack of proper ventilation are a dangerous combination for your health and safety.


Electrical air compressors are the most common and inexpensive option for your air compression needs. These types of compressors are safe to use indoors because they have no exhaust system, however, they tend to not be as powerful as other compressor options.


Oil-free compressor options are safe and easy to maintain compressor option because of the fact that they use a motor that does not require any form of oil to function. While they work well for a wide variety of applications, the biggest drawback of this compressor type is that they are not as durable as oil-based options.


Portable compressors are typically compact, lightweight and easy to carry and move from place to place. This makes them ideal to use for tasks that take the operator to several different locations on a regular basis.


For heavy duty compressor jobs that always happen in a single location such as operating an auto garage, stationary air compressors that get bolted down to the floor are the best option.

These are some of the basic and most common options for air compressors in PA. If you need assistance to find and purchase the best form of air compressor for your needs, contact Air Center, Inc. or visit today to speak with one of our helpful and knowledgeable representatives about these and other options.

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