Avoid Undue Hassle by Consulting with an Estate Law Attorney in Bel Air, MD

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Avoid Undue Hassle by Consulting with an Estate Law Attorney in Bel Air, MD

While planning their affairs in the event of their death is not a person’s favorite thing to do, the fact is that these sorts of plans are important. If a person leaves behind a spouse or a family, they owe it to their loved ones to put aside any reservations they have and make the necessary arrangements. Sometimes it’s as simple as drawing up a will. Other times it’s establishing trusts, power of attorney for medical or financial matters or establishing a representative to handle the decedent’s estate after that person passes away. Regardless, to cover all the bases and to make sure these plans are iron clad, the services of an estate law attorney in Bel Air, MD will be needed.

One reason why an attorney should be at least consulted with is that Maryland is extremely specific about estate planning. Not getting things right can make a person’s affairs a complete nightmare for their family.

One example is when a person names a representative for their estate. Maryland has specific rules as to who can and can’t be a representative. They can require the representative be either a spouse, a blood relative or a resident of the state in which the decedent died in. Naming a representative that doesn’t meet these qualifications means the estate won’t have a representative. This duty will then be assigned to some unknown person per the court’s directive. These sorts of issues can be avoided when working with an estate law attorney in Bel Air, MD.

It may be tempting to draw up a will or to plan a person estate with downloaded forms found on the Internet. Unfortunately, this could lead to parts of the estate or will be deemed legally invalid. This can put a person’s family in a tight spot should this happen.

A lot of problems that occur during estate planning can be avoided if you speak with an estate lawyer like Michael S. Birch, Attorney at Law. If you want to make sure your family is well provided for, and you want to make sure your estate is settled without undue hassle, you should consult with an estate lawyer. To learn what he can do for you, browse his website for more information.

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