Arranging the Nursery Furniture for Convenience, Safety and Style

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You could hire an interior designer to arrange the nursery furniture or just follow tried and true principles. The main considerations are safety, convenience and style. Safety issues include concerns like placing furniture on throw rugs and creating a tripping hazard or placing furniture too close to a heater. Convenience issues concern placing furniture so that it makes it as easy as possible take care of the infant. The last consideration is style, or the nursery’s appearance.

Safety First!

When you are placing furniture in the nursery, it is very important to ensure that tripping hazards are eliminated as much as possible. You also want to locate furniture in a way that minimizes the risk of running into it. While holding an infant, tripping or hitting furniture while walking through the room presents a risk of injury for both you and the baby.

Of course, throw rugs should always be used cautiously. It is much too easy to trip or slip on a them.

Another safety consideration concerns crib placement. The crib should be placed so the baby is not exposed to window drafts or sunlight exposure. For several days, you may need to study how sunlight hits the room, keeping in mind that the angle of the sun will change through the seasons. The most cautious approach is to place the crib on the side of the room where there is no window, or even in the middle of the room if that is not possible.

By placing the crib close to the door’s room, you can avoid walking across the room in the middle of the night too. During the night is when the danger of tripping is highest. However, the nursery should always have a nightlight burning during the dark hours of the day.

Convenience Second!

In terms of convenience, you want to place hampers, rockers, storage units and other frequently used items where they are easily accessible. For example, the hamper should be placed close to the changing table, so you do not have to walk across the room to drop dirty clothes into it.

If you frequently read to the baby, then the bookcase can be placed on the same side of the room as the rocker in which you rock the infant. When reading time is done, the book can be easily put away.

Style Third!

The nursery style includes décor, furniture arrangement, visual appeal and room balance. There are a number of things to keep in mind when designing the nursery.

* Do not overcrowd the room with baby furniture
* Do not bunch up furniture, like placing a hamper, bookcase and chair side-by-side-by-side
* Consider the shape of the room and the shape and size of the furniture to determine the best placement
* Use the baby furniture to enhance the room’s appearance in terms of space by creating focal points to break up empty space in long rooms or very large rooms
* Choose a color scheme and stick with it because too many colors can make a nursery look too busy
* Remember to place furniture so there is room to open room doors, cabinet doors, dresser drawers and so on

The nursery becomes one of the most used rooms in a house. Interior design considerations are about much more than just visual appearance. It is concerned with ensuring the room can be conveniently used in a safe manner. The nursery décor is a stylish bonus.

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