An Industrial Waterproofing Company In Washington, DC Can Secure Your Foundation

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An Industrial Waterproofing Company In Washington, DC Can Secure Your Foundation

A leaking basement can create an unsightly appearance and cause health concerns in a building. Mold can develop and cause structural damage and breathing problems. When an owner thinks their basement has a water problem, they should contact an industrial waterproofing company in Washington DC as soon as possible.

The longer an owner waits to have repairs made in a basement, the worse the condition will get. A waterproofing company will create a plan that is tailored to the condition that is causing water in a basement.

Crawl Space Waterproofing

Crawl space areas require waterproofing the same as a basement. A vapor barrier should be installed on the ground to reduce excess moisture from creating mold in and on the structure. Drainage, vent fans, and dehumidifiers might need to be added to provide extra airflow and remove excess water.

Water Pressure Help

An owner can help the minimize the pressure created against a foundation or excess moisture in a crawl space when they keep gutters working properly and the downspout drainage away from a building. The area around a structure should be excavated to drain the water away from the building and the walls should be sealed.

Basement Waterproofing

When the walls of a foundation have bowed or developed cracks, they will need to be repaired before waterproofing can be completed. An Industrial Waterproofing Company in Washington DC can install interior and exterior basement drainage systems, sump pump installation, stairwell and window well systems, and epoxy injections for crack repairs. In addition, all interior and exterior structural crack repairs should be completed as well as carbon fiber reinforcement, exterior excavation, and possible wall replacement.

Avoiding Large Expenses

At the first sign of water in a basement, an owner should immediately contact a waterproofing company. Inside drains can be installed without the expense of excavating a yard. Early intervention by experienced waterproofing company personnel will save an owner thousands of dollars in repairs in the future.

If you are interested in achieving a dryer basement and healthier indoor air quality, contact Worldwide Waterproofing and Foundation Repair, Inc. They have many years of experience waterproofing basement and crawlspaces in the area.

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