Always Call an Auto Accident Injury Law Attorney in Minneapolis, MN

by | May 15, 2017 | Accident Lawyer

Every single time you sit down behind the steering wheel and pull out onto the road, you are at some level of risk for a car accident. In most cases, fault is clear to all parties and repairs and medical bills are covered by the at-fault party’s car insurance. However, not all cases start and end so amicably and this is when you need to call on an auto accident injury law attorney to help you get the settlement that you deserve.

Medical Bills

The U.S. is famous for having extremely high medical bills and this is truer today than ever before, with just the ride in the ambulance costing a grand or more. For this reason, you cannot afford to find yourself with an incredibly costly bill with no help from the responsible party’s insurance. A professional auto accident injury law attorney in Minneapolis, MN will not only fight for your right to compensation but he or she will contact the hospital on your behalf to inform them that they will receive payment upon completion of the settlement case.

Car Damage

When you contact professionals such as those found at Rutzick Law Offices for help, one thing that they can do for you is to help you fight for the money to cover damages to your car. In some cases, the damage done to your car is so great that to fix it would cost more than the car is worth, leaving it “totaled” and completely unable to be driven. You deserve to receive at least the amount that your car is worth as part of the settlement agreement and in addition to other compensation for treatment costs and other expenses.

Pain and Suffering

After a traumatic injury and experience, you need an auto accident injury law attorney to help you ask for more compensation due to your pain and suffering. A particularly bad car accident can lead to long-term anxiety disorders such as PTSD and these take years to go away or never completely go away. Visit website for more details about the experienced auto accident injury law attorney in Minneapolis, MN.

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