All Businesses Need Some Type Of Access Control In St. Louis, MO

February, 2014 by Alma Abell

Businesses of all sizes need to have some sort of security system in place. This can be as simple as video camera monitoring to the latest technologies in security systems. These systems will monitor all activity on the property, and control the access of people or vehicles into and around buildings and other sites. These systems are used to increase loss prevention and damage protection, as well as to reduce personal injury to employees and anyone who is visiting the property. Systems can control one door, or an entire complex, depending on the needs of the company.

Access control in St. Louis, MO involves systems vary in design. The first is the actual physical barrier. This can be anything from an electronic locking device on a door to a turnstile to a parking gate and many other types of barriers. If the barrier is a door lock, a magnetic sensor can also be put in. This will monitor the position of the door, so if it is opened when it shouldn’t be, an alarm will sound. Those who are allowed access through these doors will be given a code to key in or will have a card to swipe that will unlock the door. These locks can be for a single door, or networked to an online control system that controls access at all doors.

Depending on how secure a system needs to be, there can be many ways for employees and others who are allowed unsecured access to unlock doors. They may be given a PIN code, or the swipe card. Key fobs are another option, and in some cases, fingerprinting is used as a method of identification. Some businesses require that anyone going in or out of the building have at least two of these credentials.

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