Air Conditioning Contractor in San Fernando, CA Lowers Home Energy Use

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

Reducing energy consumption saves homeowners money and reduces their carbon footprints. There are many ways homeowners can reduce their energy consumption, but ensuring all heating and cooling units are functioning properly is one of the best ways to save energy and money. A professional air conditioning contractor in San Fernando, CA, helps area homeowners achieve that goal.

Area companies like Rowland Air work with clients to keep air conditioning systems running at peak efficiency. Properly functioning air conditioning units not only keep area residents cool, they also last longer and keep utility costs down. An AC unit that has not been maintained can easily cost twenty to thirty percent more to operate than one that has been properly serviced. An AC unit that is not properly charged, for example, is also more prone to failure during hot weather because they are forced to run more and cycle frequently. Local AC professionals recommend annual servicing of all heating and cooling appliances prior to the beginning of cooling and heating seasons.

A local air conditioning contractor in San Fernando, CA, can also provide additional services to improve indoor air quality for area residents. Simply cleaning ducts on a regular basis reduces respiratory issues for many people, especially those with allergies. Pet dander, mold and other contaminants thrive in heating and cooling ductwork. While installing fresh filters will help, regular duct cleaning should be a top priority for homeowners who are sensitive to air contaminants.

As the costs of energy continue to rise, a home energy audit and assessment can be a valuable tool for anyone seeking to reduce their energy bills and minimize their carbon footprints. Trained professionals can evaluate home energy consumption and recommend improvements that will prove beneficial in many ways. Lowering over-all energy consumption will become increasingly important as energy companies struggle to maintain service levels in the future. Since the service is provided at no cost to consumers, an energy audit is a great way for homeowners to stay on top of their energy use.

The first step in having reliable, efficient heating and cooling systems is have them inspected and maintained annually. Local professionals know the importance of regularly servicing heating and cooling appliances, and often have special pricing available for those services. Lower energy use and less frequent emergency repairs quickly return the cost of normal maintenance for most homeowners.

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