Affordable, User-friendly Home Automation in Clermont

January, 2014 by Ken Kupferman

Nearly 2 million homes in the United States are broken into each year. In other words, every 13 seconds someone is having their space invaded by a criminal. These scary numbers help you to realize how vulnerable your family and your property really is to burglars.

The experts will tell you the best way not to become a victim of burglary is to make your home as difficult to gain entrance into as possible. Thieves usually do not want a challenge. They want a home they can get into and out of quickly, without drawing attention to their actions.

This is why security systems are such effective deterrents to burglars. Unfortunately, many systems are so difficult to operate, they often act as a deterrent to homeowners as opposed to criminals. Home Automation Services in Clermont does not have to be confusing. It is possible to have a very functional and advanced system in your home which is also very user friendly.

Affordable Lock and Security Systems, for example, offers homeowners help where they assemble the perfect security solution for each family’s personal needs. Their systems are adjustable and can be tailored to fit a residential home or a large commercial building. They are programmable to an extensive amount of users as needed. The features of their systems include programmable schedules with separate holiday schedules, Integrated DVRs and automatic door unlocks. They guarantee all of their security programs are easy to use and cost effective.

Before you purchase anything, they will meet with you to discuss your personal security requirements. This free consultation will help you to assess where your weak spots are and what your largest risks may be. They can explain how their products can be used to solve your security concerns.

All of their security products, including their Home Automation Clermont, are covered by manufacturer warranties. Affordable Lock and Security is a reliable member of the Better Business Bureau, Associated Locksmiths of America and a Super Service Award recipient from Angie’s List.

In addition to their home security systems they also sell specialized locks, surveillance systems and safes. Contact them today for your free consultation and free quotes from the top name in the security business for over 40 years.



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