Advantages of Printed Promotions

February, 2014 by Chantel Ledbetter

Although many companies have switched to digital marketing and promotion, printed promotions still command a reasonable share in advertising and promotional industry. Compared to digital marketing and promotion, printed marketing materials such as logos, banners, posters or even business cards have their share of advantages over their digital counterparts. That is why it is advisable to pair both methods of marketing and promotion instead of dropping one in favor of the other. As a business owner, you may need to explore every avenue that may expose your company and increase your visibility. Against this backdrop, printed promotions still provide excellent means to expose your brand and your company.

Here are some of the reasons why you may need to consider printed promotions for your brand:

* Printed promotional materials are tangible: Unlike their digital counterparts that are ever in soft copy, printed promotional and marketing materials are available in their physical form. This makes it easier for your clients to identify with them because they can feel, touch, or hold them. The tangibility feature in printed logos, brochures or banners, make them more appealing and easily transferable to your clients. You may also use the printed promotional items as incentives such as calendars, umbrellas, or T-shirts, which you can give to your loyal clients.

* Printed promotional materials give you a lifetime exposure. Once you print your logo or your brand, the effect remains there for life. That is why the use of posters and other printed materials is preferred to other forms of promotion, which may only last for a short period. Such short-lived exposure is often witnessed in other forms of marketing such as radio and television, which have limited airtime. With printed promotional items, you may use the products for a certain period and even after the promotion period has ended. The printed materials can also be customized to target certain segment of clients, which may not work effectively with other forms of marketing and promotion.

* Printed promotional materials make your brand more legitimate. In digital world, a lot of doubt exists about legitimacy of many companies or brands. However, when you use printed items such as flyers, posters, or banners, which your clients can hold and identify with, they confirm legitimacy of your company and brand and even step up their loyalty.

* There is less competition with printed promotional materials. Since many businesses have reverted to digital marketing and promotion, there is less competition for printed promotional materials. Therefore, you have enough opportunity to explore the field of printed promotions with all its variety. You may choose to do billboards, posters, banners or yard signs to promote your brand and company without much stress.

Although popularity of digital marketing and promotion seems to be on the rise, printed marketing and promotional materials still have their share in the market as well.

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