Access Control in Portsmouth – Which System Would Benefit My Premises?

by | Dec 3, 2014 | Security

Did you know that the UK has more CCTV cameras installed than any other place in the world? It’s a great idea to invest in access control in Portsmouth if you are the owner of a property, because these systems will prevent thieves from trespassing, and will make you feel safer. Normally, these devices can be accessed with a key fob, pass-phrase, fingerprint or PIN. The great thing about this is that only you, the user, can access it. The perfect tool for preventing unauthorised entry to a building, they are preferred among businesses. Prior to investing, feed your knowledge about the main types of access control.

PC Based Access Control

An access control system of this time will be linked up to a computer or similar device. You can decide who is granted access to your building, and some types of access control in Portsmouth allow you to grant access to as many as 50,000 users! This is a perfect choice for large establishments, such as retail complexes, hospitals, office blocks, etc. With flexible access permissions and reporting capabilities, PC based access control is a worthwhile choice if safety and security is your main priority.

Standalone Access Control

Are there independent rooms in your property that you want to grant access to keyholders only? If so, choose standalone access control, which allows access with a keypad, PIN or password. Some modern standalone access control systems are created with fingerprint technology, too. Storage units, clubs and small business premises tend to choose these systems, due to the fact that they are simple to manage. Maintenance is easy for these systems too, which aren’t usually linked to monitoring centres.

Other Solutions

If PC based access control and standalone access control in Portsmouth aren’t of interest to you, why not ask a supplier about some other solutions? There are numerous features that can be integrated with existing systems, such as SMS and email messaging, intruder alarm integration, hands-free options and IP camera images. You can even control the heating and lighting inside a building with certain types of access control systems, therefore it is best to assess your needs before spending money on a security solution for the home or business.

Whether you require access control in Portsmouth for your home or business environment, you can depend on the team at Bridger Alarms to assist. Call them or visit website to find out what systems are available.


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