A Worker’s Compensation Lawyer In Salina KS Will Help You Receive The Care You Need

June, 2014 by Alma Abell

Workplace injuries can have a devastating impact on your life, both physically and financially. You may be left with injuries that will take months and possibly even years to recover from. You may also be left without a source of income. If you are the primary wage earner in your family, that can leave you unable to provide for your family. Before workers compensation laws were implemented, injured workers were left with little legal recourse when they were injured on the job. However, workers compensation is now there to provide financial payments when you are injured at work. If you have been injured on the job, you need to speak to a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer in Salina KS.

Employers are required to carry workers compensation insurance for each of their employees. As soon as you are injured, you should contact your employer so that they can fill out the necessary paperwork. This paperwork will allow you to begin receiving medical care for your injuries and cash payments. You will continue to receive the cash payments for as long as you are unable to work. If you are having a difficult time obtaining medical care or there is a delay in cash payments, an attorney at Hampton & Royce L.C. will be able to help you receive the benefits that you are being denied.

If your injuries require the use of durable medical goods, such as walkers or braces and the insurance company will not authorize those services for you, a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer in Salina KS will help secure those services for you. They will also help you receive any other medical care that you may require. Insurance companies are in the business to save as much money as possible. This can often result in a denial of services that people are in desperate need of. Do not let insurance companies keep you from receiving the care you need to recover.

Your attorney will not get paid until you receive a settlement from the insurance company, so do not let your inability to pay keep you from seeking the legal assistance you need.



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