A Personal Injury Attorney in Yelm, WA Can Help After a Vehicle Accident

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

Vehicle accidents constitute a large percentage of personal injury legal cases. In many situations, the at-fault driver’s insurance company appears unwilling to provide a reasonable settlement. This leaves the injured person little choice but to accept a lower amount than he needs or to hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Yelm, WA. Although proceeding with litigation takes more time than simply accepting the insurance carrier’s offer, oftentimes the injured person decides to hire legal representation because he knows he should receive a higher amount of compensation. He realizes that he may continue to have medical expenses related to this incident for a long time to come and that he may continue to miss work sporadically as he goes through a long recovery process.

Expenses after a vehicle accident can be enormous. The vehicle likely needs a significant amount of repair work, or it may even have to be replaced entirely. The person who was hurt misses work and loses income. That income may be essential for supporting a family. Bills start piling up and the family may start paying them with credit cards. Before the financial situation spirals completely out of control, the family should contact a personal injury lawyer at a firm such as Putnam, Lieb, Potvin in Yelm.

Even if the injured person has health insurance, he probably has a deductible and a co-pay amount for which he is responsible. A hospital stay and ongoing visits to a doctor are costly. The individual may have needed surgery and he may have an ongoing need for physical therapy. An insurance company settlement offer may not take future expenses into account, but those should be included as part of compensation for the accident. A Personal Injury Attorney in Yelm, WA includes all relevant expenses in his request for an adequate amount of compensation.

An insurance company settlement also may not take into account aspects such as pain and suffering as well as emotional trauma. These factors detract from the person’s quality of life and are a definitive result of the vehicle accident. A Personal Injury Attorney in Yelm, WA at Putnam, Lieb, Potvin understands that all these aspects should be taken into consideration when requesting a settlement amount.

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