A New Roof in Colorado Springs, CO will Solve Repair Probllems and Prevent Further Damage

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The rugged winters take a heavy toll on the roof, the largest part of the home. Often, the roof develops leaks because the sheathing is rotting from the rain entering through the shingles. The rain can also penetrate flashing, which has been damaged by the sun and the cold weather.

Flashing can become loose around the chimney or the vents, resulting in paths for rain to enter the attic. Often, the leak barrier and the starter strips have given way to the weather, causing deterioration. Shingles may curl up, causing spaces for the wind to blow water under the shingles. It is likely the shingles may not have been nailed down to the manufacturer’s specifications.

A new roof will solve all of these problems and many more. There are many roof options on the market, and it is difficult for the homeowner to know immediately the merits of each. A roofing technician can explain the benefits of a New Roof in Colorado Springs, CO as well as the material manufacturers and their products. A person experienced in roofing will advise you on the benefits of each brand, and he will discuss with you the brand and shingle type recommended for your home.

A new roof may require new sheathing, also known as the underlayment. This product supports the shingle system and helps to keep the attic dry. If water has penetrated the roof, the sheathing will be rotted and water will have penetrated the attic. A drip edge, which has two purposes, will be installed on the new roof:

1) To prevent water from being blown under the shingles

2) To support the shingles, which will not just be hanging off of the roof edge. This directs the water off of the roof and into the gutters.

The next step should be the peel-and-stick membrane. This will prevent ice dams, which can do so much damage to a home. This self-sealing membrane will be installed along the eaves right over the drip edge. This provides a water-tight membrane to protect against ice dams. The next step would be to install the polypropylene underlayment. Then, the vents are sealed with a sealer made for the area.

The New Roof in Colorado Springs, CO of your choice is ready to be installed, and it will be a great source of protection from the elements. Be sure to keep up with maintenance and prompt roof repair after its initial installation.

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