A Dentist in Dorchester can Fix a Broken or Chipped Tooth

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

Families need a Dentist in Dorchester that is willing to handle a variety of dental emergencies promptly. These include chipped teeth that kids pick up playing baseball or soccer. Toothaches that can hit at school or work or dentures that need to be repaired before an important meeting. The staff at Millville Family Dental know how hard it is to withstand the pain that a dental emergency can mean. They also know that infection can set in quickly if the problem isn’t handled quickly. Therefore no appointment is necessary for emergency treatment. A person can just walk into their office and receive emergency care.

Chipped teeth should be seen by an Emergency Dentist as soon as possible. This will prevent any bacteria from taking hold and any further structural damage. If the damage is minimal the dentist can bond some resin onto the tooth. This will match the color of the tooth and the dentist will carefully shape it. When his work is complete, the patch will be invisible. Most people will never guess that the tooth was broken. If the tooth was badly broken, then the Dentist in Dorchester may decide that it needs to have a porcelain crown placed over it. Then dentist will drill away any decay or dental debris. He will then form a round post from the tooth that will support the crown.

The next step in the process is to take an impression of the tooth and send it to the dental laboratory. A skilled technician will then make a crown to fit precisely over the tooth. It will also match the color of the surrounding teeth. When it is complete the dentist will cement the crown in place. It will closely resemble a natural tooth and last for many decades.

If a person doesn’t seek prompt attention of a cracked or chipped tooth, this can lead to an infection. A patient becomes aware of this when they develop a toothache. If they respond to the first twinges of pain the Dentist in Dorchester can still save the tooth by performing a root canal. It will then have to have a crown placed over it as well.

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