A Clearing Wood Lot Service Often Can Save Some Important Trees on the Property

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A Clearing Wood Lot Service Often Can Save Some Important Trees on the Property

People who buy wooded lots zoned for commercial use may face animosity from neighbors and other community members who had grown attached to the appealing sight of trees next door. Those neighbors may wonder if there’s anything they can do to prevent a Clearing Wood Lot service from arriving and cutting down all the trees. If the new property owner is aware of these sentiments, it can be helpful to hire a service to remove trees strategically so buildings and other structures can be put up but some of the land’s natural state is left in place.

Saving Some Trees

Having a Clearing Wood Lot service bring down all the trees on the property is often the most convenient option, but maintaining good relationships with neighbors has advantages. Professional tree felling workers from a company like Timberline Tree Service can evaluate the property and provide recommendations about which trees could be left in place, even when a large commercial building will be constructed.

Neighbors and even other community residents will appreciate the gesture of leaving some of the biggest and loveliest trees in place. This often can be accomplished at the perimeter of where building will be occurring. These trees are the main ones that people have been viewing for years and may have become somewhat emotionally attached to. In some instances, a few of the biggest trees might be more than 100 years old. If it’s at all possible to save them, significant goodwill can be achieved.

Additional Considerations

There will be other considerations when construction begins. Arborists can provide services and recommendations that help trees stay alive and healthy when land clearing and building construction is going on nearby. Earth moving, as well as changes in water supply and in the amount of sunlight that reaches the leaves, can be stressful. The trees will probably need the addition of fertilizer at least once and extra watering for some time to come.

Neighbors will also appreciate planting of some new trees to replace those that had to go. The idea is to keep the lot looking as aesthetically pleasing as possible while accomplishing the building goals.

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