A Checklist for Fall Car Repair in Salt Lake City

October, 2013 by Alma Abell

Summer vacation is over, and the days are getting cooler, making it the perfect time to get your car ready for winter. Car Repair Salt Lake City can reduce the chance of a dangerous cold-weather breakdown–use these tips as a ‘road map’ to get your car ready for the cold.

Read the manual: To find the manufacturer’s service schedule, consult your car’s owner’s manual. Most cars have two service schedules: severe and normal. Your choice will depend on your location and driving habits.

Fix engine issues: Are you having problems with stalling, rough idling, low power or hard starts? If so, you should take your car to a repair shop right away, because cold weather only makes such problems worse. Your auto repair technician will perform maintenance such as fuel filter, PCV valve and air filter replacement, which will make your car run more smoothly.

Take care of your fuel: Your auto mechanic will take care of most winterizing chores, but there’s one that’s easy to do at home. If you live in an icy or snowy climate, consider adding a bottle of de-icer to your fuel tank each month.

Change the oil: Have your oil and filter changed at Quick Lube Inc. according to the manufacturer’s schedule (more often if you do a lot of stop and go driving, or take many short trips).

Cooling: Your car’s cooling system should be cleaned and filled according to manufacturer specifications, and the condition and tightness of clamps, belts and hoses should be checked as well.

Defroster and heater: It should be inspected to ensure visibility and comfort for you and your passengers.

Battery: Only a professional can tell if your battery will last through the winter, but you can help them by cleaning the corrosion from the battery terminals and posts on a regular basis. Make sure all connections are tightened, and ask your technician to check the fluid level in the battery.

Exhaust: A professional should inspect your vehicle’s body and exhaust system for leaks; even a small exhaust leak can be dangerous.

Tires: They’re your car’s point of contact with the road, and worn tires in winter can be dangerous. A Car Repair Salt Lake City shop will assess the condition of your tires, and recommend rotation or replacement as necessary. Be sure you have a working jack and spare tire in your trunk at all times.

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